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Blizzardpalooza 2011 Woot!

Hee heeeeeeeee. I have to say that this blizzard has been awesome. :D I went out there to see the mayhem. Thunder, lightning, freezing wind, and snow blowing in all directions (even upward from that wind). The lightning was especially cool, the way it lit up all the snow. :)
PS no sarcasm in this post. It really is wicked out there.

Painted in 2002.
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Six-Squirrel Orgy

Yesterday, I was outside and 6 squirrels dashed past me and into the neighbor’s bushes. All that could be seen was soft pine needles flying and all those squirrel tails flopping all over here and there. I guess that isn’t to interesting, but it was just entertaining enough to type out.
Here’s a meme I yoinked that was written by a sadist:
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From My Right Hand To Your Eyeballs

Firstly, let me say that I’m back to being hooked on LJ again. Now that I’m the only user on this computer, I’ll be around like I used to be and I’ll be looking for new friends here, because it took me all of 10 minutes to catch up on 2 months worth of friend’s posts. Ghost-town Journal dot com.

And now for recent art. Here’s the beautiful, creative, and awesome kateri_kachina and her son Will who just turned one this month. I had it printed and they did a great job.

One of the coolest Ljers in the history of forevers, axcess_denied who wanted to be a demoness.

And this last one is of a high school friend of mine, Kelly. As a joke, her and I once got married on Facebook. My mother took is seriously and called to ask WTF. That alone made it all worthwhile. Then instead of divorcing, I killed her off and changed my status to ‘widowed’. LOL

Currently I have 4 more arties going and then I’ll be working on a self-portrait. Havent done one of those in 6 years.
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My daughter saved my life. She grabbed my hand at the last second. Legion was trying to kill me and he tossed me of a ledge of the mausoleum. I kinda wanted to die. Death would be a relief. Judith would have it though. Instead, she grabbed my wings and we floated down to the moat. Just outside of it actually. Hurt like Hell.. I was happy to see my daughter though. Her mother was a succubus and I was a vampire, so Judith was….I don’t know what. Very powerful though. She looked like this though:
These are the kinda dream I have.
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You have been invited to view myasri's webcam. Would you like to view this webcam?
Accept (Alt+Shift+A) Decline (Alt+Shift+D)
josieokain: Hi. I'm Chris Hanson with DatelineNBC. Why don’t you have a seat over there.

cindy: u hv cam
josieokain: no
cindy: pic
cindy: other fe yr gf
josieokain: of due sah meh?
cindy: hw young gal u hv been wit
josieokain: Why do you type like a retard?
cindy: oh
cindy: i sori
josieokain: Sori? Is that some kind of food in your country?

H: u are male. I cn tell
josieokain: If you keep accusing us chicks of being male, you will die alone. How many women are named Josie in your country? I am deeply offended by you’re accus……ok, you’re right. I’m a guy.
H: asl?
josieokain: *headdesk

josieokain: I'm 937 year old vampire female.
joly: c2c
josieokain: Why?
joly: showing
josieokain: No problemo. Just let me take my tampon out first and get this damn dog to stop trying to lick my snatch.

anil_sharma3 (12/20/2010 4:52:32 AM):pls accept me
josieokain: accept what?
anil_sharma3: accpt my penis into your vagina
josieokain: That is the not-sexiest thing I have ever heard in my life.
anil_sharma3:wnt to make love to you
josieokain: I think you would be better off humping a pillow. Even then, you would most likely get shot down. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sahaseen_313: have u ever been with 2 woman?
josieokain: Nope. I can only disappoint one woman at a time.
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Yo Yo Yo Derp

In the past I haven’t been vague about how much I despise gangsa rap. Pimpin’ Aint Easy? Huh? Actually it sounds pretty damn easy. Now, being a single mother? That sounds difficult.
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Clifford: A Tale of WTFery

Our tiny little grade school had a tiny little library where our tiny little asses would get in trouble for acting like crazed squirrels on cocaine. When not engaged in a battle with another student about whose mother was larger, I would actually read books. One of them was Clifford (the giant assed dog). What do I remember of the stories in the Clifford books? Absolutely nothing. I couldn’t get past the idea of owning a freakishly huge dog. It just raised too many questions.

As an adult, the thought is even more horrifying:
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