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And They Shall Rule The Morons….

I never NEVER want to hear “I have a pit bull and he’s sooooo gentile”. Fuck you, idiot. I keep hearing this over and over since last Tuesday. Thanks for the birthday wishes, but it became a shitty fucking day when I was repeatedly attacked by a dinosaur with fur. Ripped jeans, ripped flesh, fear, bite, run, bite, screaming, bite….hate.

After the ambulance dropped me off, I laid there in the ER with pain so terrible that I passed out. Then came the shots. One for tetanus and another was an antibiotic. I don’t mind needles, but the burning on top of the ripped flesh? I passed out again.

I was again wakened by a kiss. Laura was there. She was the ONLY one there for me. “Are you OK hun?”

‘No.’ I responded as I started to cry. ‘I told you I hate birthdays’, I said, laughing.

“Cant you ever be serious?”

Yeah, I can. Pit bulls (and most dogs) are dumb ass pieces of shit that should never be owned. Man made dogs are retarded. Don’t believe me? Hmm, how many domesticated dogs do you see in the wild? Humans made them and when they cant control them? They don’t understand why. Know you fucking animal and try to master it. Don’t project human emotions onto a beast.

I cant stand dogs that cant be kicked far away. That doesn’t mean I hate dog owners. Humans take offense if you hate dogs. Why? Because we are an egotistical race. “That’s my baby” I heard tonight. “I prefer big dogs” (that comment came from a chick annnnd I told myself not to make a sex joke).

I’m 5’8” and 160 pounds. That damnation of a creature attacked me…not to eat….to KILL. At least it was me and not a child….


Call me a hateful prick if you want, but tend to my cuts first.
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